May 10

Home Improvements You Can Make As A Renter

When you rent, you may be nervous about doing any home improvements. This doesn’t have to be the case. Just keep in mind that you should be able to take your improvements with you when you go! Read on to learn more.

You may want to paint one or more rooms in your rented house or apartment. Ask your landlord if this is alright, and you will probably find that it is. If not, try asking if it’s OK as long as you paint it back the original color when you decide to move. This is a money saver for your landlord, so it will probably be OK. If your landlord won’t let you paint, you can build wall sized frames or panels and cover them with fabric. Place them against the walls and, voil√†! Your room is a different color. This will protect your landlord’s walls, and you can take your panels with you when you go. Hanging ceiling to floor draperies to cover a wall is another way to accomplish this.


You can be sure of getting your cleaning deposit back if you keep the wall to wall carpet clean by covering it with your own room sized rug. This also allows you to change the color of the flooring and add elements of design.


easy home renovations

easy home renovations

You can make the most of your space and add privacy to your rented home by purchasing portable Japanese folding screens. These are fashionable and functional. High quality screens can be used for generations, so purchasing a screen is a good investment.


You needn’t feel stuck with the appearance of your rented home. Take some time to firm up your vision and then brainstorm about ways to make it happen that will leave the structure of the home unscathed and leave you with some nice belongings you can carry away when you move. You can always use these nice things when you buy a home of your own.